Watch the Sunrise on the Beach After Prom Night


Thinking about closing out your prom night experience on a beach? You may be surprised as to how many people actually wait for the sunrise and take in the beautiful summer warmth on the refreshing sand. Whether you’re looking forward to a beach in Long Island, Fire Island, Brooklyn, Jersey Shore, or Wildwood, spending the ladder parts of your prom night on the beach can be an unforgettable experience.

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Best Prom Limos


After shopping for your prom dress or tuxedo, you’ll realize that your total “pro-look” is not complete. There is one essential thing missing, the limo! There are many limos to choose from. It is best that you select a very large limo and split the total cost with as many people as possible to limit individual cost. Have a look at some of our top rated limo choices.

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Back to School Shopping


As school nears, the realization that you will need back to school items becomes clearer and more stressful. In order to ensure that you don't forget anything, it's important that you create a school shopping list.

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The Perfect Prom Tuxedo


The way you dress is a reflection of who you are. The tuxedo you wear will affect people’s impression of you. Wear something classy and fashionable. Here are a few suggestions to come up with the perfect tuxedo look for prom...

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How to Handle Being Alone at Prom


Make Prom night a night of girls’ or boys’ night out. Hang out with your friends who do not have dates. If they do, you can all go out as a group. This way you will be included in the fun, from the time the limousine leaves your address to when you return home, after having crazy fun at the after party.

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Hmm.. Limo or Party Bus?


As you organize your prom budget, you’ll realize that you must consider everything. You have put aside money for your outfit and your after party ticket. What you should never forgot about is your ride. It’s now up to you to decide your mode of transportation to and from prom. You need to decide which you prefer, a limousine or a party bus?

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How to Make After Prom Plans


When prom ends, the next stop for the night is the after prom party. In order to secure party arrangements, you need to make concrete plans. If you don’t make plans beforehand you may end up at a party location that you won’t enjoy, and be faced with a crowd of people you don’t know. In order to avoid a disastrous prom night you need to make party plans. Here are a few tips for making after prom plans:

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Saving for Prom Expenses


Some of you may even have to endure all of the expenses on your own! Because not all parents can afford to treat their kids to the typical prom dream. There are many things that you may like to have for prom, including new clothes, new shoes and a limousine or party bus. Here are some tips for saving towards your prom celebration.

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Impressing Your Dates Parents on Prom Night


An important part of prom is meeting the parents. It is traditional for the guy to swing by the girl’s house with the limousine or party bus to pick her up, meet the parents and take her to the prom. Some of you may dread this moment. “Why can’t we just skip meeting the parents and meet at the door?”Not an option!

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Choosing Your Prom Date


“Who should I take to the prom?” This is the question that crosses most people’s minds right before prom season. There are many different ways of selecting your prom date.

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