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Sunrise Cruise

E 23rd St & FDR Dr
New York, NY 10010

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Event Details

We know what the usual plan entails – the prom, the after party at around midnight, followed by a limo ride back home. But your prom night doesn’t have to be over at 4 AM. In fact, the sunrise cruise will ensure that you’re partying until sunrise. What better way to celebrate the end of your senior year? We can’t think of any other way. Which is exactly why our sunrise cruises usually sell out quickly. Each of our party yachts are equipped with two floors of dance space along with a live DJ, patio lounge area and of course, an open deck with beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline. There is no better way to put an end of your once in a lifetime prom night.

Over the past 4 years, you’ve probably made a bunch of memories with close friends and classmates that you cherish. Bring everyone along for the ride and enjoy the last hoorah on the sunrise prom cruise. You may stay in contact with some classmates but seeing that people go to college and lives change, it will be tough to stay in close touch with everyone you want to. Take meaningful pictures below the morning sunrise and reminisce about the good times you’ve had. Prom might seem like the end, but in fact, it may just be the new beginning to something special. The Hudson River sunrise after prom cruise is hands down, the most enjoyable nightcap in all of New York.

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E 23rd St & FDR Dr | New York, NY 10010

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