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Space Ibiza

637 West 50th St
New York, NY 10019

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Event Details

With great regret, we announce the news that Space Ibiza nightclub has officially closed.

Please contact us today to explore more venue options, 212-851-6455.

For over 25 years, Space Ibiza has been wowing the nightlife industry with it’s extraordinaire. From Spain to Europe to South America, and now, finally – New York City! Space Ibiza is rated the “Best Global Club” by all true standards. Enough of the history and prestige – what can this new club in Manhattan do for you and your after prom? If you’re one of the lucky one’s with your prom night landing on an evening when this venue is open for a post-prom event, you’re in store for an amazing spectacle! Take a trip around the galaxy by stepping foot into this massive beacon of nightlife and absorbing what tens of disco balls, immense pulsating sounds, and great decor can actually do to invigorate your after prom.

With 3 dynamic levels and over 20,000 square feet of dance space, Space Ibiza New York has quickly taken over the nightlife scene, ever since it’s inception in the Big Apple back in September of 2014. We haven’t even celebrated the 2nd birthday of Space Ibiza and it’s already quickly climbing the ranks to become the zenith of NYC nightlife. You’ve waited 4 long years for this moment. You’ve brought together all of your close friends and classmates. You reserved that brand new model limo or party bus and your prom attire is on-point. The only thing left to do is make sure the after party does not disappoint. While attending an after prom event at Space Ibiza, it’s hard to imagine how someone leaves without experiencing the ultimate prom nightlife vibe. We encourage you to explore this beautiful venue and truly appreciate the prom night experience to the fullest.


637 West 50th St | New York, NY 10019

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