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Red Rabbit

408 West 15th St
New York, NY 10011

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Event Details

With great regret, we announce the news that Red Rabbit has officially closed.

Please contact us today to explore more venue options, 212-851-6455.

Tumbling down the rabbit hole. The deep dark red rabbit hole. We’ve all probably been there. But not quite like this. New York City, meet the Red Rabbit Club. Ha! Let the adventures begin! The red and black plush VIP couches along with the classic big apple nightlife decor truly epitomize the aura that this magnificent venue has to offer. With room for over 300 party goers, Red Rabbit can cater for after proms of all sizes. Thinking of rolling out the red carpet for your prom? Well it’ll definitely match the vibe at this beautiful club. Get your hottest dress & tuxedo picked out, all of your closest friends, and reserve your place in the rabbit hole. By the end of the after prom, the party buses will be ready to take you home. But you may not be ready to crawl out of the rabbit hole just yet. So enjoy your time at Red Rabbit while the party is in session. You only get one prom night – make the best of it.

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408 West 15th St | New York, NY 10011

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