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Hard Rock

1501 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

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Event Details

New York City is full of icons – Historical monuments, bridges, the beautiful NYC skyline at night, and much much more. But when thinking about famous things in Manhattan, sometimes we overlook nightlife and hospitality. With locations in 74 countries, the Hard Rock has steadily built a strong reputation for itself. The Times Square Hard Rock venue boasts dance space for over 1,000 party goers in addition to having the flexibility to use multiple floors. Areas within the Hard Rock include the Main Cafe, the New York Room, Marquee, and the live concert venue space. When combined, the entire facility features up to 44,000 square feet of nightlife possibilities. For years, we look forward to planning and enjoying our prom night. From our outfit, to the party bus, to the after party – it’s one night of serious planning. Make it count and take comfort in knowing that the Hard Rock in Times Square is a proven nightlife hub. Hard Rock after prom parties are finally here – never settle.

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1501 Broadway | New York, NY 10036

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