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BB King

237 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

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Event Details

With great regret, we announce the news that BB Kings has officially closed.

Please contact us today to explore more venue options, 212-851-6455.

The BB King’s Blues Bar and Grill is a coveted live music and restaurant location. Located in Times Square, this venue hosts multiple concerts and serves thousands of people delicious food. Inside BB Kings there is another awesome place, The Lucille’s Bar and Grill. This area was named after B.B King’s guitar and serves lunch until late at night. At the restaurant you can enjoy scrumptious American Continental food that boasts a Southern flair. Their full menu is available both in the restaurant and in the music room, which is also an 11,000 square ft theater with plush seating and a 30 foot stage. You also have the ability to order your favorite drink, be that vodka or a bottle of beer.

BB Kings is open to people of all ages, unless a later show specifies an age limit. This venue is fully handicap accessible, so everyone can enter as long as they have paid for entry. The seating capacity is about 500 and this can be doubled for standing cocktail type events. There is no dress code for BB King or Lucille’s Bar and Grill, just be comfortable.


237 West 42nd Street | New York, NY 10036

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