The music is the best part of any party. It lightens the mood, forces you to relax and extract fun from the saddest people. Attending the school prom is planned by the school and supervised by the school. Who picks the music for the prom? Essentially, it’s the school authority. For after prom parties, you will never be disappointed of the music played. The best part of your after prom party celebration is not the clothes you wear or the absence of a curfew. The most important element of a great party is the music. At our events you will be entertained by the best music the industry has to offer. New York’s finest DJs who are world famous for their technique will have you dancing and having fun all night long. You will be so captivated by the spinning talent of Cipha Sounds that you won’t be able to stop yourself from moving your body. After prom was created with you in mind, so why not enjoy it. Everyone who attends will be sure to hear their favorite song or artist. You won’t need to demand that the DJ play a particular song because they will keep you entertained with the skills they have honed over their careers. You will be blown away by the playing of back-to-back hits. Enjoy the music as you sway to the pulsating beat of your favorite song. Hip-hop, house, reggae, electronic, pop – whatever your preference, has got it. Our DJs know how to keep a party alive!
  • DJ Camilo

  • DJ Spin King

  • DJ Bobby Trends

  • DJ Enuff

  • DJ Funkmaster Flex

DJ Camilo

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DJ Spin King

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DJ Bobby Trends

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DJ Enuff

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DJ Funkmaster Flex

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