Thinking about closing out your prom night experience on a beach? You may be surprised as to how many people actually wait for the sunrise and take in the beautiful summer warmth on the refreshing sand. Whether you’re looking forward to a beach in Long Island, Fire Island, Brooklyn, Jersey Shore, or Wildwood, spending the ladder parts of your prom night on the beach can be an unforgettable experience. If you’re truly thinking about taking your nightcap to a beach, take into consideration the following factors:

  • Make sure to have some change of clothing.

After an entire night of dancing and partying, a fresh change of clothing will not only feel refreshing but also it may be necessary. Staying up for over 24 hours is not that easy. Towards the morning on the beach, be assured that you are comfortable laying on the sand or running along the cool water on the shore. This experience is one that should not pass you by. The summer is upon us, High School is over, let’s take in the aura of prom night and feel cozy doing it.

  • You may get hungry towards the morning.

This is a common theme of long nights out. You eat dinner; go out to the club, and by the time you get home, you are starving! Well, since your prom plans are going to end up super late, make sure to have a breakfast plan. Perhaps have some light food such as sandwiches, bagels, and chips with you for the morning, or stop by a local diner to get a quick breakfast meal. From our experience, going 8+ hours or so without eating really take a toll on your body. Feel good and have a breakfast plan ready for your entire group of friends.

  • Party Bus and Limousine reservation hours.

When booking your prom party bus or limo, the transportation companies usually have packages for 10 or 12 hours. With morning plans to head to the beach, you’ll probably need closer to 15-16 hours for your prom ride. Calculate the time you need for everyone to get dressed, take pictures, get to the prom, get to the after prom, and then of course, to the beach and then home. Don’t make the crucial mistake of having the driver tell you that your time is up. Be prepared and care free about your prom ride.

  • Don’t make any major plans to following day.

You definitely won’t be going to sleep before 7 AM, which means you are sleeping in really late! Make sure to leave the following day of your prom free. No plans, no prior commitments – just a free, passive day. This will give you plenty of time to rest and time to reminisce about the amazing night you’ve just experience with your classmates. These are the memories that you’ll cherish for your entire life.

Unwind in the early hours of the morning and watch the sunrise over the beautiful ocean. Take a deep breath and reminisce about the past 4 years of High School while getting ready to embark on your future. Wherever your future plans lead you, always know you’ll have amazing prom night memories to carry you through the tough times.