The adventure of prom and the dream of a wonderful prom night are desired by all high school students all over the country. However, in order to have such an experience you may need to save towards it. Some of you may even have to endure all of the expenses on your own! Because not all parents can afford to treat their kids to the typical prom dream. There are many things that you may like to have for prom, including new clothes, new shoes and a limousine or party bus. Here are some tips for saving towards your prom celebration.

1. Take lunch to school – instead of buying lunch at school it is more cost effective to pack your lunch from home. Make yourself a sandwich and add an apple. This can be a healthy lunch, while also allowing you to save a few dollars a week. After a couple of months, you might save up a couple hundred dollars.

2. Try to carpool – You may have a car, even one you bought yourself through years of saving. Carpool with your friends who own their own cars, or even those who are driven by their parents. You may have a turn at driving the others, but at least you will be able to save some of the money that you would have normally spend on gas. This way you will be closer to your prom goal budget in no time.

3. Drink home brewed coffee – You may be one of those people who stops at a cafe every morning or afternoon to buy a cup of coffee. Don’t do this if you want to save for prom. Every coin you can save is another coin added to your stash of prom cash. As a replacement you should pour yourself a cup of coffee from home. Turn on the coffee maker when you wake up and fill your coffee cup before you leave. Use the coffee you already have at home, maybe it’s even already brewed by another family member every morning before you wake up. If you dislike the taste, try to improve it. To get to your prom budget, you may need to make some difficult coffee tasting sacrifices.

4. Limit your outings – If you’re serious about saving, you will need to limit the amount of times you go out with your friends. By doing this you will cut back on spending and get closer to your prom goal. Instead of going to your favorite hangout spot, try meeting up at someone’s home. That way you’ll not be tempted to spend money on snacks, you can make homemade snacks and mix a jug of juice. Instead of going to the movies you should rent a DVD or watch TV from home. This can be as fun as going to the movies if done with close friends. Use the cheaper store bought microwave popcorn. Invite a few friends over and you can all curl up to watch the movie and just having fun with each other.

5. Get a part time job – This will allow you to make extra income, if only for a very short period. This will contribute significantly to your prom budget.

Only implementing a few of these tips can steer you towards your goal of having the lavish prom evening you’ve always dreamed of.