Prom, the fairy tale night of glamor, dancing, buckets of fresh pig blood, limos, and a ton of cash. This tradition began centuries ago as a simple “night of firsts,” which evolved into something elaborate in the 1950’s when American families had enough disposable income.

Times are changing, and the prices of the things you need for a Prom night are skyrocketing. The Prom night you spend just $200 to attend has risen to $919 on the likes of dresses and tuxes, shoes, haircuts, tickets, makeup, jewelry, manicures, tanning, transportation, corsages, dinner, and post-prom activities- and it is constantly rising. But this varies widely by region of the country, according to the Visa Prom Spending Survey.

Prom spending by region:

  • Families in the Northeast spend an average of $738 for prom night and $431 on the proposal summing to a total of $1169
  • On the West coast, an average of $596 is spent on the dance and $342 on promposal, making $937
  • In the South, prom night is on an average of $544, while the proposal is $305 total to $859
  • Midwestern Families will spend over $515 on prom and $218 on promposal, giving us a total of $733

So, as the Prom night of your teen approaches, you might start having worries because you know you will have to spend so much, especially when your child is a female. A beautiful dress could cost you a fortune.

You might wonder why this is happening.

Lately, students have turned prom into a contest of who “slays” the best and who can spend the most money. Many students tend to go overboard with the costs of prom, spending close to a thousand dollars for limos, party buses, dinner, clothing, etc.

Well, social media plays a big role in this. Now, everyone wants to post their good looks on social media. Asides, the problems of inflation, sellers have seen reasons to increase their prices because they know how teenagers want social approval.

Teenagers have it engraved on their minds that showing people the nice things they wear, especially on social media, would make people go haywire over them. But it’s not their fault. Peer pressure did this, and parents are left to suffer for this.

Another reason is the way people treat Prom nights. Sharing their pictures on social media platforms and tagging the images to a Prom night could get viral. Now, everyone wants followers, and your teens see the Prom night as the opportunity to gain more followers.

Either way, you still need to make your child happy by making their Prom night worthwhile, no matter how expensive it might be.

Here are a few tips to save more on the cost of prom:

  • There are many consignment stores or online stores that rent tuxedos, formal dresses, and accessories. Shop for your formal wear at these outlets.
  • Enlist a friend to help with your makeup or get it done at a department store’s cosmetics section.
  • Drive to the venue, or split the limo cost with other couples.
  • Take the pre-prom photos of your teens and have them use their cell phones for shots at the event.
  • Plan out a prom budget in advance and set a limit on how much you wish to contribute. If your teens want to spend extra, encourage them first to earn money.

Finally, if you feel you can’t handle this on your own, PromNightlife is here for you to make your teen enjoy a delightful experience at their after prom without spending so much.

Imagine spending less than what you expected and still seeing your child’s beautiful pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, getting likes and comments of how gorgeous they look or how perfect their after-prom party was.

Imagine your child’s happiness when they grab you in for a hug and say those three words to you, ‘’I Love You.’’

That’s what Prom Nightlife will give you at a cheaper cost.

So if you feel like your child deserves this happiness and you want this appreciation from your child. Get on a call with us today.