As you organize your prom budget, you’ll realize that you must consider everything. You have put aside money for your outfit and your after party ticket. What you should never forgot about is your ride. It’s now up to you to decide your mode of transportation to and from prom. You need to decide which you prefer, a limousine or a party bus?

The size of your transportation vehicle is highly important. You should ask around and see who would like to share a party bus or limo. Getting an idea of what people want can help you decide on the size of the vehicle that you will be needing.
There are many different size party buses and they can hold anywhere from 25 to 55 people. The capacity depends on the make and model. Whatever size group you have, the party bus can transport them in style. Buses also have tables and mini bars that offer refreshments to its passengers. There is standing room in the bus, should that be necessary and enough space to dance even after the prom.

Limousines come in many different sizes. These range from the typical four passenger limo, to those that can seat up to 20 guests comfortably. If your party size is a small four or more you may opt to rent the classic limousine. You will be able to travel comfortably with your friends and make a splash at the prom, because you will be traveling in elegance. The larger limos are Hummers, Escalades, Range Rovers, and such. These have a large capacity, allowing super fancy traveling. You and your friends will not regret going to prom in one of these because you will all be in the prom mood by the time you get into the limo.

The cost is very important when selecting your mode of transportation. The more people travel together, the smaller the amount that has to be covered by each person. Therefore the four passenger limo will cost more than the limo that seats twenty. However, the party bus that seats forty will ultimately cost less than the limo that seats twenty. Basically, get more people to ride with you!

Transportation to and from prom is not cheap. In order to get a reasonable price, you have to carpool with a few of your friends. After the final count is reached, you should decide whether you want to book a party bus or a limousine.
Both the party bus and the limousine are equipped with plush leather seating and a mini bar for refreshments. There are also tables present in some of the vehicles and a sunroof. If possible, visit the location of the vehicles with a few of your friends and make a decision as to which one you want for your special night.