There are a variety of things to sort out with the looming prom. While some might think of it as just a party, high schoolers take it pretty seriously. Some cross a list so long; you’d think they were getting married. After all, it’s the official conclusion to the last four years of your academic lives.

Several things need to be prepared for a smooth night. They include the clothes – Dresses for females and Tuxedos for males, transportation – Limo or Bus, to mention a few. All of these make prom night as memorable as the event itself. For all of these necessities, there are various vendors ready to supply and gain from this exuberance.


The dress is the first thing to check off the prom list for a lady. It is as important as her wedding dress because they have similar goals – wanting to be the most beautiful and the center of attention. The search for the perfect dress is no small task as there can be no clash or mistake of two people wearing the same dress. So, everyone tries as much as possible to choose different things. Thankfully, not only are malls a good option, but over the years, the internet has grown to be a massive source of shopping and exploring.

Some even go as far as cross-checking their dresses so that this type of mistake does not happen. Shoes are also a necessity here. It is a total package with the dress and must complement each other to achieve the ideal look that you’re striving for.

There is no end to the types of dresses that you see at prom. While some adorn themselves with floral print dresses, others opt for the ball-gown style, and so on.  You can get affordable dresses in New York City to grace your prom night from various stores. Bloomingdale’s, Lala Mira, and Madison James are some of the places you can get fabulous dresses to make you the center of attraction.


Looking nice is not only attributed to ladies. Even guys like looking decent and sharp, especially for an important event like prom. Shopping for tuxedos can be a lot to take in as you need to make sure it fits, is classic, sports the color you prefer, and is incredibly sleek. Something else to consider is the material you’d like for your tuxedo.

Do you prefer wool material or something that makes a statement like velvet? The shirt is another thing to consider in this selection. Would you choose a simple or customized one? Next, we have neckwear. Do you want to wear a skinny tie or a bow tie? Then, there are other additions like shoes, cufflinks, and so on.

New Era Factory Outlet, Robbie & Co. Men’s Shop, Men’s Wearhouse, are a few of the top rated places you can get affordable tuxedos in New York for your prom. These stores offer great deals and services. You will surely get your money’ worth and an elegant look.

The Ride

Transportation is another aspect of prom shopping that needs to be done with precision. Here, there are two options to pick from. You may decide to attend prom with a Limousine or a Party Bus. Both are good choices, but all depends on your preference and how many people are your in group.

Why Not A Limo?

Everyone knows what a limo is from the outside. There is a partition that closes off the passenger part of the vehicle on the interior. Inside, there are long seats for up to ten people.

Usually, they come in different sizes and charge per hour. Prices may differ depending on your location and the service you hire.

Limos portray an ambiance of sophistication and class. Hence, the reason this may be the first choice to take to prom.


  • Privacy
  • Stylish, Classy, Sophisticated, and Cool Impressions
  • Intimate feeling with close friends


  • Limited Space
  • Formal Atmosphere
  • Price

Thinking Party Bus Ride?

Not ready to opt for the limo yet? Okay, the bus is next on the list. The party bus is quite different from the limo in plenty of ways. The privacy, amenities, and comfort of the limo are taken to the next level here. There are upgrades in the sense of vast and versatile space.

This mode of transportation gives the party vibe, and it might seem like a club on wheels when in it. Some of the temptations here include a fully stocked bar, controllable stereo, large TV, comfortable seats, light control options, dance floor, bathrooms, to mention but a few. Keep in mind that this depends on the rental company and bus you rent.


  • Price
  • Amenities
  • Privacy
  • Sufficient space


  • Size: higher cleaning fees after the fun night.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for the right choice is as important as the time for shopping. Shop early, and you will get the best deals. You also get to explore and choose from a wide array of options without the pressure of time. Will you be all set for the prom when the day comes?