From getting the wrong shoe size to being disappointed by the dress, you ordered from Wish. To your date ditching you for another, there is always chaos whenever there is prom preparation. It is always difficult to get things in order, especially when many students are banking on you for either stuff like getting 40 prom dates into the crowdfunded limo or planning the after-prom party.

As adults would always say, these flimsy moments will make glorious memories that you would cherish forever. Well, Mrs. Adams, I’m not concerned about the memories right now. All I want is my prom dress glued to my skin, or my future memories become a present disaster. As prom is fast approaching, here are some aspirin-like tips that will dissolve all prom headaches:

  • Plan

Proper preparation prevents poor performance; this regards all events that would occur before prom, in prom, and after the prom party. The foods, drinks, halls to be used, transportation, dress, DJ, and other prom-like things should be planned properly. Agencies and organizations like promnightlife should be contacted for services like anchoring an after-prom club party. Once all these are properly put into place (which is time consuming), then you are assured of a disaster-free event.

  • Make a prom prep list

A perfect prom experience does not start at the gymnasium hall. It starts from the first day you take your pen into writing. Girls generally need two times the planning than boys, from getting the correct Sephora makeup artists to ensuring Amazon has your perfect gown. It is advised you make a prom prep list containing all you need; this will allow you to plan your resources into getting what you want the most, and if you are one of the few with daddy’s money – lucky you!

What to do with conflicting ideas and over-budgeting

Prom is the season where Shein becomes your most visited app on your phone. There are over 1,000 dresses that would look good on you, but their prices don’t look too good with your budget. Clashing ideas on which type, style, and color of the dress to get and matching shoes, getting accessories and perfect makeup… the list goes on. To settle this, set a non-negotiable budget on the type of dress to get and make sure you do not exceed it, no matter the circumstances, even if the website says 90% off. Do this for the shoes, makeup, and other accessories. If you are on a tighter side of finance, outsource makeup and accessories to friends as they are invariably cheaper.

  • Practice

A little practice goes a long way. With the high rise of anxiety among teenagers, learn some things beforehand to avoid any form of embarrassment. Simple dance steps with your partner help a lot and can create a huge difference when the big day comes.

  • Test Beforehand

This is where issues can easily arise. Test everything you intend to wear on that day, from the dress to the shoes, and most importantly, makeup. There needs to be an emphasis on the makeup part, as it can elevate or ruin your entire look. Ensure your pot for something less daring and more natural; it should complement and not change your entire look, making you unrecognizable. The dress should be worn a few days before the event and not weeks, as the human body can enlarge for no absolute reason. Treat all inconveniences in the dress and ensure they are snug.

  • Let an adult know

If there are intending plans to have an after-prom party at a place miles away from your school or home, it’s best to alert an older person. I understand there is a thrill to experience freedom, but the world is unsafe, hence the need to relay your location to an adult. Make sure someone knows your entire evening plans and keep in touch with someone throughout the night.


We understand when prom planning begins, it’s hard to get your 20-40 people together for your limo or bus. Kids start dividing up into groups and planning their night. Transportation, after-party plans, dates, these elements are the fuel to get high school girls in a frenzy. Although they are unavoidable, it’s best to control these headaches with the above tips.