Prom night is a big high school business. A lot comes together to make it a success. The central machinery that makes it a reality is the prom committee. This committee carries out its responsibilities to make the prom a success.  What are the duties of the prom committee and should you join in on the planning?

What is the prom committee?

A prom committee is a group of students out together by the class board to throw the prom, junior or senior. This committee is saddled with planning and executing to make the prom night a blast! Many responsibilities come with being in the prom committee:

  • Recruiting volunteers and student planners

The prom committee is responsible for recruiting students into the sub prom committees. They also recruit parent volunteers, teachers, and other school staff to help them coordinate the planning activities of the subcommittees.  Adult volunteering helps the prom committee to connect with the community. The recruitment is done with banners, posters, and flyers. Sometimes, word of mouth suffices too.

  • Choosing time and date

Although many school districts may have a predetermined prom date, the prom committee chooses the prom date where there is none. The prom committee has the responsibility of choosing the time of the prom. They do this after much deliberation and taking a lot of things into consideration.

  • Selecting the right theme

Prom themes give life to prom. Whether it is classical, romantic, fancy ballrooms, or foreign destinations, the committee is responsible for choosing the theme of each year’s prom. Banners are often a great idea to introduce the concept. Otherwise, the committee can make a big announcement to the student body right after distributing invitations.

  • Manage Budget and fundraising

The committee is burdened with the task of raising funds for the prom and managing budgetary concerns. The committee usually plans fundraising activities throughout the school year to raise money for all prom planning activities. It also monitors the expenditure of the funds for proper utilization.

  • Handle Decorations

This committee has the responsibility of handling prom decorations. It does this with its appropriate sub-committee, which is mainly comprised of students. They put their creativity together to make sure that all that glitters at prom turns to gold.

  • Invitations and Publicity

The prom committee handles the invitations. It deliberates in the wordings for the invitation and orders for invites, tickets, and RSVPs.

It is also responsible for the advertising and publicity for prom night. It does the advertising in many ways. It advertises with ads in the school paper and banners at strategic locations in the school. It also makes necessary announcements through the Public Address System within the High School.


Why should you keep in touch with the committee?

Avoid awkward situations

Imagine walking to prom with an outfit that doesn’t match the theme in any way. It could be very unpleasant to be the black sheep in the white flock. It could be super awkward to feel and look different in a modern outfit when the theme is classical. Being abreast with the affairs of the prom committee helps you avoid such embarrassing situations.


There is a lot you can learn from keeping in touch with the prom committee. Either as a member of any subcommittee or just being a keen observer of how they carry out their responsibilities, you stand to learn a great deal.

Social skills

The first and perhaps the most essential skills you expose yourself to by keeping in touch with the prom committee are teamwork and leadership. You learn to understand that people’s opinions matter, and you get a balanced sense of proportion. You learn empathy and other valuable life skills.

Working with the prom committee is an opportunity to hone your social skills. Whether you have skills for graphic designing, a knack for decorations, proficiency with social media tools – keeping in touch with the prom committee could afford you the opportunity to use and perfect your skills.

If you have no skill in planning an event, keeping in touch and working closely with this committee is the golden opportunity for some hands-on approach to planning an event. Apart from learning a thing or two about planning an event, you get to understand social networking.


Final thoughts

The Prom committee is saddled with a lot of responsibilities. To achieve its goal of a memorable prom night, it works extensively with subcommittees. There are lots of benefits when you keep in touch with the prom committee, as highlighted above. These benefits run throughout your lifetime. And the best part is you keep getting better!