Prom demands perfection.  It demands that those in attendance are neatly and handsomely dressed.  Young men should pay close attention to the tuxedo they decide to wear, because they will go to the prom with a young lady who has spent a lot of time putting her outfit together.  The way you dress is a reflection of who you are.  The tuxedo you wear will affect people’s impression of you.  Wear something classy and fashionable.  Here are a few suggestions to come up with the perfect tuxedo look for prom:

– Whether you purchase your tux or rent it, it may end up being the mirror image of someone else’s.  In order to set your look apart from that of others, you should add minor details to your tuxedo.  The most common tuxedo color is black.  The black tuxedo never fails to make you look absolutely dashing.  To personalize this, you may want to wear a colored tie.  A brightly colored tie is sure to draw attention and make an impression.  If you have a date to the prom you may match your tie to her dress, or just wear her favorite color.

– You may also use a colored kerchief in your jacket pocket to add to your overall look.  You may opt for a purple handkerchief or another color of your preference.

– The perfect tuxedo look for prom takes your overall appearance into consideration.  If your hair is untidy you may appear a bit shabby.  You should ensure that you are properly groomed to complement your prom attire.  Comb your hair neatly, shine your shoes and put on some nice cologne.

– If you want to go to prom in a nontraditional black tuxedo, you may opt to wear a white one.  A white tuxedo also has the classic appeal.  You just need to pair it with the right tie and you will be the center of attention as soon as you enter the party.

When choosing your tuxedo, whether to purchase or rent, you should consider a few things.  First, you must consider the fit.  You may be comfortable standing still in the tuxedo, but are you able to move around comfortably?  Will you be able to dance, or simply clap for the prom queen and king?  The look is important.  However, the way you feel in the suit is more important, because looking handsome yet being uncomfortable is a sad way to remember your prom night.

You should also ensure that you shop around so that you get a good bargain for your money.  You should not search for the cheapest tuxedo, because you may be dissatisfied with the quality.  Ensure that the tuxedo you decide to rent is comfortable in the way it feels and the way you move.