High school was fun, and prom was lit! You made friends that will be in your life for a long time. You made the craziest memories. At last, high school is over.

The future is right around the corner. But before that, you must spend this last summer productively. This is an opportunity to boost your CV or pursue your passion. Here are a few rewarding suggestions to help you make the best of your last summer.


Travel is an invaluable type of education. It widens your perspectives and furnishes you with a balanced sense of proportion. It also proves that you have the adaptive skills for your career. You can blend in with people of other cultures and perhaps even speak a foreign language.

Tales of your travels could be an exciting topic to sell yourself to your interviewer for a prospective job. Knowledge from your travels could also come in handy in many situations.

Make an educational visit

To make this summer rewarding, you could attend free lectures at a nearby university. Many educational institutes offer free admissions. It could be a local museum, a law court, or some exciting art exhibition.

You can also take a tour of the university you applied to. This will help you to become accustomed to the location before the Fall semester.

Learn a new language

Language is no doubt an added advantage. Learning a different language provides you with an advantage when you apply for choice positions. It makes you an asset to your employer and increases your chances of international participation in your field of work.

If your major is studying a language, knowing the fundamentals of the language can go a long way to securing excellent grades when you get to college.

Become an activist

You may have had reservations about certain issues while in high school. Well, here’s an opportunity to put all that energy into use. Your political awareness is a sign that you’re ready to realize what changes you can make to better the world.

If you’re interested in human rights, you could create awareness about a specific case of injustice that your community is indifferent about. You could organize fundraising events for your favorite charity. Perhaps even start a new club or association in the college you’ll be attending? Ignite your passion.

Start an enterprise

Well, if you cannot do big great things yet, do small things in a great way. You may not have the funds to begin a large business, but starting an enterprise is one rewarding way to spend this last summer.

Look at your community. Find the needs of your neighbors. Ask what services they are lacking. You can launch a small tutoring enterprise with your friends. You can start a “how-to” session for elderly people who struggle with their computers. It is hard work, but it will be rewarding in the end.

If you can, try freelancing. Create an account on UpWork or Fiverr and use your skills to earn some money.

Learn a new skill

A new skill proves your capacity to learn new things. This knowledge can also come in handy while you’re at college for making some bucks as a side hustle. Skills that can come in handy include creative writing, blogging, editing and proofreading, content creation, copywriting, online marketing, etc. The list is endless.

Learning a skill also increases your chances of survival and gives you an edge in the labor market after college.


A famous humanitarian lawyer once said that losing yourself in the service of others is the best way to find yourself. Volunteering is a fabulous way to use your summertime.

Look at your community and figure out a way to serve. You can volunteer to clean the beach or help at a shelter. You can volunteer to help at the local library, a medical center, or an animal shelter. Another great choice is the food bank or the local park. It helps to volunteer for something related to your major in college.

Get an internship

Employers receive applications for jobs regularly. These applications are usually competitive. But applying for an internship might give you the chance to gain experience in the work sector you choose. Narrow down the list of places you’d be interested in taking up the internship. Do not focus only on paid internships, as you might lose out on experience from partly paid and unpaid internships. Apply ahead of time to boost the possibilities of getting it. Who knows, you might be offered a job after college because of the fine qualities you demonstrated while interning.


There is so much to do. The list is endless. Feel free to try any of these suggestions. Remember, this list is not exhaustive. Your parents or friends may have additional inspiring ideas. Don’t waste the summer. Use it productivity and make it count!