Junior Prom

If there is anything lots of students have looked forward to, it’s prom night. Many children marvel at the young ladies in their prom gowns and the young men in their suits, patiently waiting for the day it will be their turn to do the same.

For teens who have reached the end of their junior year of high school, going to prom can be a lot of fun. But, not all schools made their junior prom official. Odds are there is only one prom if you attend a small high school, and students from all grades will be invited to attend. And if you go to a larger high school, they might organize a junior prom while the senior prom may be open for only graduating students along with their guests.

Most schools have senior prom, but in the suburbs of Long Island, Westchester, Rockland County, New Jersey, and others, having a Junior (11th grade) prom is also a thing. The school does it as a school function, and it’s essentially the same thing as a senior prom but just for juniors. It can be a lot of fun to get together with friends if your school has a separate junior prom, and have a fun night out knowing that you will have even more fun next year when it’s your turn to rule the school as a senior.

Junior Prom Attire

Similar to the senior prom, the junior prom is also about formal attire. Guys wear suits or tuxedos, and girls dress up in their fancy dresses. Prom night is a good enough reason to get all dressed up, and lots of teens go all out. You can pick just the right accessories, get your hair done at the salon, and celebrate in grand style.

When it comes to prom, guys have it pretty easy than girls. They can always rent their clothes, but it doesn’t work that way for the girls. Prom dresses cost several hundred dollars, so to save some dollars, you can shop sales. You can also check out vintage clothing shops to buy a prom dress that’s unique from anything any other person will wear.

It doesn’t mean you have to dress like everyone else just because fancy dresses and bling are everywhere. The junior prom can be a perfect time to allow your individuality to shine with a different outfit.

Before The Prom

The most nerve-racking thing about junior prom probably is finding a date. If you’re not dating someone at the time prom rolls in and you would still love to attend, you could try summoning the courage to ask your crush to go with you. Or better still, try making your junior prom a group thing.

Preparing for junior prom can easily become a whole-day thing. Although guys don’t need too much prep, girls might want to get their makeup and hair done or visit a friend’s house and get ready as a group. A group of guy friends can make the day special by going bowling together, hanging out by the pool, or engaging in some other activities before the big event.

Most people go out to dinner directly before going to prom. For those going to prom in a group, a fancy dinner can be fun, but it’s more fun when you go in your fancy clothes to somewhere unexpected. For those in a relationship at the prom time, this could be a perfect opportunity to have a fancy or romantic, more grown-up date than you’re used to. The main thing is to have fun and turn heads when walking in.

After Prom

It’s a nice idea to decide beforehand what your after-prom should look like. This is important, especially if you’re in a relationship. Sometimes, schools might set up drug-free programs so students can still hang out after prom at a safe place. The fact that you went to prom with someone doesn’t mean you owe them anything. If you feel uncomfortable with anything happening around you, call an older sibling, or your parents, or any trusted adult to come to pick you up if you do not own a car yet.

A Memorable Night

Junior prom will give you a night full of memories and lots of fun to last you the rest of your life. So have fun dancing and enjoying your night!