No matter how good of a time you have at prom, you probably want to know if it’s safe for high schoolers to party in Manhattan afterwards. The short answer is yes! There are so many great places to go and have fun. As long as you stay hydrated and follow the advice we’ll provide in this blog, you are sure to experience one of the best After Prom parties that will linger in your mind for a long time to come.

Every New Yorker has their opinion about the safety of New York City after dark. Some people say that New York is too dangerous to go out in; others love New York’s nightlife and party atmosphere. The truth is, it all comes down to what you’re looking for – and knowing where you can find it. This blog post will give you an overview of Manhattan so that next time your high school classmates ask if they should come to NYC to party, you’ll be able to answer with confidence.


Why party in Manhattan?

Manhattan is not only New York’s most popular borough, but one of the greatest nightlife epicentres of the world! It has the best nightlife in New York, and it also has its own attractions like shopping districts and museums. If you’re looking for an after-party location to get drinks with friends or dance all night long at a club, Manhattan will definitely have what you need. There are plenty of bars and clubs all over New York City including areas such as the Meatpacking District, Lower East Side, Times Square, among others. There you’ll find a ton of bars and lounges to hang out at so that after your prom party ends, you can still enjoy an exciting evening with friends.

Generally, Manhattan is a great place for parties. There are plenty of nightclubs, bars and coffee shops where high school students can go to socialize and have a good time. If you get tired, plenty of hotels in the area offer rooms at very low rates, so people do not have to worry about driving home after partying all night long. You will never run out of things to do while partying in Manhattan.


What are the security precautions to take during prom night and traveling to the city?

When looking for New York After Prom parties, do some research. Have people gone there in previous years for after prom? Are you able to get some information about it on google? Stay away from any New York nightlife locations that do not have adequate security measures in place – it’s not worth your penny!

Another thing worth considering when planning where to go post-prom is knowing your way home. Most groups opt for party buses and limos for the entire night. But it definitely makes sense to know your way around the city. All true New Yorkers should know their way around the greatest city in the world.

Finally, avoid venturing into unknown neighborhoods as they could become trouble spots during such late hours. Sticking close to your group of friends and is always a safe bet. Wandering around the city alone after hours is not recommended no matter how old you may be.



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