An important part of prom is meeting the parents. It is traditional for the guy to swing by the girl’s house with the limousine or party bus to pick her up, meet the parents and take her to the prom. Some of you may dread this moment. “Why can’t we just skip meeting the parents and meet at the door?”Not an option! Meeting the parents is significant because in this process the parents offer their trust to their daughter’s date. They trust you enough to take care of their little girl, by helping them have a good time at the prom and getting them home before curfew. If this meeting is extremely successful you may even be allowed to take her to the after prom.

Meeting the parents is an interview for trust. It is for this reason why you should try to impress them. To impress the parents you need to be a gentleman. Most of all you need to be extremely respectful.

Embrace the gentleman that you are on the inside. Pick up a bouquet especially for the mother. In most cases, the mothers are easier to win over. You must be mentally prepared for the drilling that comes with picking up your date. If your date is your girlfriend, whom you have taken out a few nights already without heat from the parents you are more likely to experience a smooth date pick up. If however, this is the first time you are both going out for an extended period in the night, you will be subjected to a long line of questions and maybe some subtle warnings.

As you walk up to the door and ring the doorbell you should be confident in yourself, not too confident though. The parents want to know that you have absolute respect for them, and their daughter. Your expression of that respect will increase their trust. Ensure that you ring the doorbell at the time you had stipulated that you would pick up your date. Arriving late will give the impression that you will also break their daughter’s set curfew. You have to show that you are a man of your word.

Give the mother her flowers and commence to asking when your date must return home. This will surely impress her parents. Show that you care about their rules. Answer each question posed in a timely and respectful manner. Ask your own questions and promise that their daughter will return safe. Establishing a good first impression with the parents is proof of your success at impressing them. Just show them how respectful you are, of them and their daughter. Show that you can be trusted and you will be a step closer to achieving that trust.