Ask any high schooler; they will gladly tell you that the best day of high school is prom night. Students look forward to making their last days with friends and buddies memorable from elementary school to middle school and high school. As a precious rite of passage through high school, nothing says it is summertime like prom night!

We all had these expectations till the dreaded covid-19 happened. Like other high school activities, Covid placed a dent in what we can do and how we do them. For most average high school seniors, Covid has meant a lot of missed milestones, including their senior Prom event. With most school shutdowns, the worst nightmares of high schoolers may have just been actualized.

Fast-forward to 2021; many towns are relaxing covid restrictions due to the quick roll-out of the Covid vaccines and a decline in Covid cases. What does this mean to high school seniors? Well, you still get to enjoy your prom but with a bit of twist to it. Most schools in New York are now required to strictly follow state official guidelines on how senior Proms should be conducted. These guidelines have shaped prom from how we knew it to be.

Pre-prom screening

Before you can enjoy your prom, you may be required to answer a health screening questionnaire. Questions contained in the screening includes; your recent covid-19 test result, your current temperature levels, and  if you have been in close contact with confirmed or suspected covid-19 cases.

Unlike before, you may need to ace this health screening questionnaire before going to prom.

Don’t forget the newest Prom Dress code

A new dress code has been made for every prom senior to maintain safety measures. That dress code includes whatever fabulous dress you choose, PLUS a face mask.

A dancing prom – six feet apart?

What is a successful prom without some fun on the dance floor? We all know who the best dancers are, and we know who creates the best couple dances. Can prom be the same without dancing with your date?  With covid guidelines, you can still enjoy some time on the dance floor, but dancing with social distancing guidelines really depend on your schools policy and the county you live in.

Taking the Prom outside 

Many high schools, not wanting their students to miss out on this milestone, have held their prom outdoors. Seniors can now partake of this must-do end-of-year event while also observing covid social distancing guidelines.

Virtual prom 

It isn’t a fun Prom without creating those long-lasting memories with family and friends. Covid has forced us to connect with our friends online to enjoy this fantastic time. Some high schools in tri-state area are turning to the virtual community for their prom, to include all students – whether Covid positive or negative. Other high schools are dividing Prom activities online and in person. For example, we’ve heard of a scenario where the crowning of the Prom Queens was being held online to reduce the amount of  events to be held on Prom night.


Covid influence on prom has taken its negative toll on high schoolers. Most seniors describe it best as being “un prom.” For them, it just doesn’t feel like prom. But now that the 2022 prom year is upon us –  more people are getting vaccinated and with infections decreasing, we are hopeful that the upcoming prom season will be back to normal. Get ready, stay safe, and we are hopeful that we will be able to enjoy prom, the way it was meant to be!