It is graduation time! Graduation represents the end of a journey, a four years long sojourn. For high schoolers,  the 9th Grade is usually one of the most hectic of the four years. The long-lasting session of  9th Grade coupled with the frustrating tasks you get entangled with usually makes this year a tough year to get through.

Remember 9th Grade?

The 9th grade appears so long to most students as most 9th graders are yet to find their inner drive. They are still in the period of figuring out themselves and what they truly what to achieve.  The school mainly accumulated their worst data points from the 9th graders. Like many of us, you were yet to imbibe the culture and values of the school. You took the time to adjust to this new life and the routine. You tried your best to stay out of trouble and the hallways during class hours.

Moving to the Next Level

The movement from being fresh students to the sophomore year was more of a relief for teachers as students gradually progressed toward maturity. You became well behaved as opposed to the crazy stunts you pulled during freshmen year. You became more determined and resolute during this period (sophomore year); SAT was peeking from the corner.

During Sophomore year, you saw that there was more to life than books. You probably participated in various extracurricular activities such as sports, student leadership programs, educational clubs, and arts. You also learned to volunteer for community service such as animal rescue, red cross, church outreach, hospital volunteer, etc. This exposes students to experiences that cannot be gotten within the four walls of their classroom.

Sophomore year came with increased assignments and even more challenging classes. As 10th graders, you were expected to have honed learning and study skills to graduate into junior year successfully.  The feeling of moving to junior year is always exciting and intriguing. You could visualize graduation just a year away. You passionately anticipated the exact graduation day. Junior year is not without pressure owing to the considerable importance the year holds. During this period, you struggled to be at the top of your game with good grades. A review of your performance reflecting a consistent trend of excellent grades appealed to you.

In junior year, you were encouraged to partake in extracurricular activities to learn skills necessary for survival in the outside world. The options were much. Activities such as internships, leadership skills development, political activism, technological clubs, and others were a central part of this year. You focused on literature and continually trained to ensure the consistent development of your writing skills. You took electives to widen your intellectual horizon further.

And Finally!

Finally! After the rigors of the initial three years of high school, here you go; Senior year or 12th grade. Senior year is the last year required of students in high school right before which they can graduate. During this grade year, you had more freedom, and you were almost done with school activities. This period marks the time when students get to socialize more as they now have enough time to hang out, visit one another and even go shopping due to the reduction in their school schedule.

You’re offered courses like advanced mathematics, language arts, high school level science, and social studies during this time. Some of your friends may have taken at least one elective such as foreign language, fine arts, or career and technical education courses to add to their knowledge and college application, all to make themselves ready for life after high school. After the successful completion of this grade, students graduate from high school and seek a college education. For most high schoolers, this grade is the most explorative and crucial of all because it is at this point that most of them would have to take that critical career and life choice. You took the time to explore, enjoy life, and become the amazing person that you are today.

Final Thoughts

Graduating after four long years in high school leaves a natural feeling of excitement and joy. At this point, you and your friends are proud of your high school journey, proud to have achieved your goals, and are ready to move on to the next phase of your lives. High school years for most students are very challenging years. However, the struggles, victories, memories, and experiences from high school have left a permanent mark on your lives that will always be a part of you. Congratulations!