Located off the Southern Shore of Long Island in New York, Fire Island is a popular after-prom option for high school students, second to the famous NJ Shores. It is known for its amazing views, crazy beaches, and peaceful environment. Let’s not forget the Robert Moses State Park and home to the popular Fire Island lighthouse (The view is amazing).

Why is Fire Island the most desired location after partying in the city? 

1. A relaxing setting

It has a relaxing setting that is entirely different from the workload of school. For high school students fond of the school environment, there is this need to move away to somewhere calm. Fire Island allows this opportunity as its environment is relaxing with the ever-continuous sound of the movement of the ocean; this is a different life from the noisy city of New York.

2. The attractive “no car policy.”

Fire Island is one of the few places on earth that do not use cars. What else would attract high school students? For less conservative schools that encourage the use of cars regularly, there is bound to be a fascination for places that ban cars. This fascination comes as a culture shock (a strange feeling of awe over the cultural rules of another) that fuels the need to visit such areas.

3. The abundance of wild deer

When you talk about fire island, you talk about the ever-increasing population of wild deer. Fire Island is one of the few places for meeting a wild deer and the bliss of enjoying a bit of mother nature.

4. Use of the fiery red transportation terminals

In place of the regular public, private, and commercial cars, the laws of Fire Island only allow the use of fiery red bus-like terminals for transportation and movement of goods (people believe this was how the island got its name, fiery). The Island is a great opportunity for students to experience other forms of transportation.

5. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets

The beautiful sunrise and sunset view is by far one of the greatest pulls that attracts high school students. It’s an avenue for boys and girls to take fire IG photos and to enjoy the beauty nature offers.

How do I rent a space?

Luckily, there are over 20 hotels and motels on Fire Island. This hospitality establishment ranges from the popular Cleggs hotel that has been run by the Cleggs family since 1946. There is the Season’s bed & breakfast, the palm hotel, and others. Also, there are tens of pirate-themed hotels on Fire Island.

Depending on your stay, taste, and choice of hotel, the boarding fees might be reasonable enough or expensive. For a more original experience, a Fire Island house, The Bayberry Dunes Beach View house, was recently put out as available to the public. Although it is under closure, the house is perfect for loads of students arriving at Fire Island as it comprises 8 rooms with twin and queen-sized beds. This is followed by a well-equipped kitchen and feeding utensils for lots of people with two bathrooms.

How many friends do I need to go to visit Fire Island?

It’s best to go with your close friends who have known you for a long time to enjoy your trip and to avoid silly fights. There is no ideal number of people that can visit Fire Island as the range is between 2 and infinity.

What activities can I do on Fire Island?

There are loads of activities available for tourists on Fire Island. One of the most engaging activities is surf fishing. Surf fishing is also similar to regular fishing but the difference lies in what the caught fish are used for. In regular fishing, you may take your catch home, while surf fishing demands you return the catch.

Swimming is popular as Fire Island is known for its transparent waters and cool weather.

Food critiquing is my favorite as you get to taste the traditional meals made by the locals and rate them. You are also opportune to take boat and ferry rides that link you into different parts of the island.


Fire Island is a secluded oasis on Long Island, a popular destination for capping the long prom night because who doesn’t enjoy watching the sunrise after a night of partying? And it’s especially nice because summer is just starting during prom season. It is perfect for partying around in the city and THEN going to fire island or any place to watch the sunrise on a beach. That is a great perk for living in the greater New York area as there are many beaches to take advantage of.