You can’t be too ready for your special night. If you are anxious about it, then you need to start preparing weeks before.

Many things go into having a memorable prom night. How you get there, What you need to guarantee a successful night, and what you are doing later is important.

Although it might seem a little overwhelming right now, as long as you have the correct checklist with you, preparing for the night would be as simple as your ABC’s.

The following checklist is your pass to getting the prom night you’ve always dreamed of:


For obvious reasons, your ticket is the most critical item of the night. There is no getting into the hall without your ticket, so you should get yours and keep it safe for prom night.

Prom tickets go on sale at different times, depending on your school. You might want to get yours once they’re up for sale. This is because they tend to increase in price as you get closer to prom, and you surely want to get the best deal.

Who knows? You might get a discount as an early bird!


Just from all the excitement, you are prone to getting a headache, stomach ache, or some other type of illness. It would not hurt to bring a pain reliever to relieve your body or headache.

You should only bring enough for two or three people. You don’t want to move around at a party with a bag full of medications. But, if you have any particular drug that has been previously prescribed to you, carry it with you to avoid extreme emergencies.


It is advised that you carry gums and mints to the hall to avoid embarrassing moments. It’s prom night, so you are expected to have loud and close conversations with your date or friends, and you don’t want them to go facing the other way.

You also don’t want to make it too obvious. A good time to pop a mint or gum is whenever you visit the restroom or eat something.


There would be lots of action going on that night, so you always want to be sweat-ready. Being around so many people would make you feel warm. At some point, you’d get hot from all the dancing, so you need to be sweat-ready.

You could pack a mini-sized deodorant or perfume so you can continue smelling just as divine as you look. You should also make sure you are working with an invisible deodorant. You want to avoid getting remnants showing on your outfit.

Be subtle with your application. Take a trip to the restroom or outside the hall to refresh yourself.


This is a safety precaution in the event of a malfunction. They happen all the time, so it is better to be safe than sorry. You may end up not needing them, but someone else might. Safety pins are essential just in case a zipper breaks or a thread goes loose.

But be mindful of the handling and keep them away from close contact with other people, so you don’t end up hurting someone.


You could do without one but not the other. You should have a camera just so that you can take tons of pictures and document the night. The memory would be too golden to let go. You might want to print out your photos later so you can constantly be reminded of such a fantastic night.

But, to avoid having your hands unnecessarily full, your cell phone can double as a camera and a communication device just in case you need to reach someone who is not present.

Do not forget your charger! A phone with a flat battery can do no good.


You might get a little into dancing, and your hair could get all over the place. Your hairdo can quickly change throughout the nights festivities. To fix this, bring a mini-size hairspray, a comb, and something to hold your hair if you get too hot and want to put your hair up. You can do this business in the restroom.


Be sure to take control of the night. You might not be able to control what will happen that night fully, but at least you will be prepared. This is enough for you to relax and stop worrying about what is to come.


Final Thoughts

Prom night should be perfect. Everything about it should be nothing but excellent. These few essentials are guaranteed to come in handy for any awkward situation that presents itself. Have yourself a happy prom night!