For every student, the thought of going to college is a double-edged sword – intimidating and exhilarating. It is the first time you get to experience a whole new world aside from your parents roof, get to meet new people, make your own decisions, go to dorm parties, and experience other university activities. But it is also the first time away from home, and home is the only thing you’ve known for the first 18 years of your life.

Getting to choose between staying home or near home or going far away to another city for college is like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. Each decision has its effects physically, emotionally, and financially.


Is College Scary?

Depending on your personality and how you adapt to a new environment, college is not scary. It’s best described as overwhelming as new things are being introduced to you in a rush, and you barely have time to settle in and understand the change. The reason for studying or furthering your education is to have a better chance at the real world where your skills, certificate, connections in college, and your overall behavior matter. So, college is more or less learning, and having a first-hand taste of what the real world is. It is an avenue for connection, scholarship, and internship.


Is going to college necessary?

Of course, going to college is voluntary and not mandatory. It is a choice you choose to take to make your future better. Although many famous people have made millions and billions without attending college, the experience of college is surely something that everyone can learn from. College enlightens you and prepares you for real life. With a degree, you are miles ahead and favorable to get hired immediately.


Should I stay back at home?

Leaving home is daunting, no doubt, and it takes strength and willpower to leave your place of comfort for a foreign environment. Staying back to study is also encouraged as it has its benefits, but these benefits are underlined with a corresponding drawback.

Finance-wise, staying home is great. It saves you from paying for dorm rooms and bed space and helps redirect these funds into more essential needs. It costs a lot to get accommodation in or around campus, and these house fees can escalate your student loans. Also, studying at home is perfect for students with anxiety or separation issues. Some individuals have a hard time coping with a new environment. If you are one, staying home may be a good choice.

But all these benefits come at an expense – over dependence. As humans, it’s high time we adapt to new conditions, as there is a stage of life that requires you to be self-sufficient and independent. You should easily navigate between places, do basic stuff yourself, relay information, and communicate effectively, but studying at home deprives you of this.


Should I go away?

Perhaps, you have chosen to see a whole new world as Disney’s Princess Jasmine did; that’s a brilliant decision and the first sign of independence. Going away allows you to learn new skills, become socially accepted, and widen your horizon to new cultures and traditions. It allows you to have direct access to all the educational tools and resources you need to excel in college; the libraries and computers are near and readily available for use. You can use the opportunity to communicate with new friends about studies and other aspects of life—and you may be lucky enough to find your soulmate.

It provides you the opportunity to earn money as you can easily get jobs on the school’s campus to support your finances. You also get added advantages when you carry your school badge; this can stretch to getting discounts, free stuff, and free entry into events.

Well, this comes with a cost – finance. You get to pay more to access all the advantages. There is a higher chance of having a breakdown that may affect you educationally for students who are not strong enough to handle the overwhelming environment. Also, no one talks about the aching feeling you get when you haven’t seen your family for months. But don’t worry – that’s what the holiday season is all about. Most college students travel home for Thanks giving, Christmas, and New Year’s!