“Who should I take to the prom?” This is the question that crosses most people’s minds right before prom season. There are many different ways of selecting your prom date. This may include blindly selecting a picture from the yearbook or asking the person who is dear to you. The person you take to the prom should be someone you truly enjoy being with. Avoid going with someone just because they are popular. This may result in a boring night that you had never anticipated. Plus, not mentioning that they might not be paying much attention to you during the night because of their needs for external attention.

Who should you take to the prom?

The decision can be difficult, especially for those who have multiple options. When selecting your prom date, there are a few things you should consider:

1) Is the person someone you could see yourself spending the entire prom night with?

Prom night is a very long night; it begins at the start of prom and ends as the after party comes to a stop. Whoever you take to the prom should be someone you can envision dancing and having fun with for the entire night. Someone you will not be tempted to ditch for the after party or the second half of the school prom.

2) Is the person someone you could have crazy fun with?

Fun is the aim of prom night. You are saying goodbye to your senior class so you should ensure that your prom date is capable of having fun with you. If you are a shy person, an outgoing date is the perfect solution to your shyness. If you are a party animal in your estimation, it is best to get a date that is equally fun.

3) Is the person someone you will remember going to the prom with?

Proms are meant to be remembered. If you attend the prom with someone you truly care about, you are sure to remember it. You don’t want to be the only one who is unable to remember your date when you attend your high school reunion. You want to be the one who has a special prom tale, the one whose date was unforgettable.

You may select people with whom you share different relationships to attend the prom as your date. Most people go with their girlfriend. Some opt to go with their best friend or friends and others go alone. The good thing about going with your friends is that you will have a lot of company. You can all dance together and have a blast. You may also attend the after party together to add more fun to your night. Going with your friends increases your probability of having fun and releases you from the pressures of prom night.