Prom night has to be the most anticipated night in high school history. Nobody wants to have a sloppy prom; hence preparations begin months before the event.

Asking your prospective date to prom could be both scary and exciting. Also known as promposing, it is an opportunity to get creative. A promposal has to be epic! It has become a bit of a competitive game, so you should have one that makes an impact.

While verbally asking your date might seem okay, you should aim for a jaw-dropping moment if you plan to get a positive reply from your date. All of this comes back to how prepared you are to present an impressive promposal. If you have no idea how to ask someone to prom, then you are at the right place.

You are a step closer to pulling off a super special ask with the following innovative and realistic promposals.


Employ cute animals

If you know your date as an animal lover, then why not use one of their interests. Judging from the pet they currently own, plan your promposal. If it’s a dog, you could get a cute little chihuahua and invite your date over while you get ready to pop the question. Pose next to your puppy with a sign hanging around their neck saying, “Will you go to prom with me?”

You might want to ask immediately they walk through the door to avoid getting distracted.

Another set of cuties are birds. You could use these also, but only if your date is obsessed. You could photoshop several birds arranged to form the word, ‘Prom?’


Promposal, but with food

Throw yourself into research and find out their favorite food and where they love to eat the most. You could order food or ask them out to eat there. Spell out ‘Prom?’ with pizza toppings or slices of their favorite foods.

You can likewise give them some food in a box. It could be cake or special candies. Remember to slip in a note that asks, “Will you go to prom with me?” on the inside.


Play on words

Nothing is cuter than a promposal that employs a beautiful alter to cliche sentences. Think about presenting your date with a giant teddy bear with a large card that says, “I couldn’t bear going to prom without you’. Here’s another one, get an adorable cat and slip your date a note that says, “Let’s have a purr-fect prom together.” Cute! One more; Get a golden retriever and ask to “Have a golden prom that would retrieve memories forever.”


Use a task

Assuming your prospective date is a lover of puzzles, count yourself lucky. A promposal with a puzzle for a puzzle lover would get you a positive answer. You could print your note on a jigsaw puzzle and have them sort it out while you wait for them to come to the realization. A crossword or word search puzzle would also do the trick, carefully arrange prom-related words and have them fish them out.

A little treasure hunt also won’t hurt. You could have them slowly work their way to a decorated spot where you pop the question, ‘Would you go to prom with me?’


Add some rhythm

If you or your prom happen to be musically oriented, why not get musical with it. Try writing a song for them, something short and catchy. It does not have to be complicated. However, you should be sure of the type of music they like before you go ahead.

Another fun way to do it is to find out their favorite song and switch up the lyrics such that it asks them to go to prom with you.

You could also consider creating a playlist and title it ‘Will you go to prom with me?’


Give gifts

If you could afford a gift your date would like, then do it! This would make your promposal memorable and kind. Slip a note that says ‘Prom?’ in the gift and wait for that positive response.

You should avoid giving an extravagant gift to someone you don’t know too well because that might make things a bit awkward. You do not want that at all.


Bottom line

You should not be afraid to get creative. Being confident when you ask someone to prom goes a long way. Take it as a chance to invent something outside the box and let your wildest dreams come to life!