After shopping for your prom dress or tuxedo, you’ll realize that your total “pro-look” is not complete. There is one essential thing missing, the limo! There are many limos to choose from. It is best that you select a very large limo and split the total cost with as many people as possible to limit individual cost. The best limos for prom are:

1. Hummer Limo – this is a large vehicle of transportation. You are able to share a Hummer with 19 friends. The interior is comfortably lined with leather seating to allow comfortable seating for everyone. There are strobe lights, a stereo and a CD player to keep you entertained from the pickup point to your prom destination.

2. Escalade – this limo is loved by many because it can hold about 22 passengers. It also has a LCD TV to keep the passengers entertained, along with an Mp3 and DVD player. This is the one of the highly demanded limos for teenagers to take to the prom. It is equipped with everything they will need to have a comfortable and exciting journey to the prom.

3. Range Rover – This is another favorite for prom. It suits about 20 people comfortably. The Range Rover limousine has an enormous plasma screen TV, lasers, smoke machines and an iPod connection port to allow you to take charge of your music while you journey to the after prom.

4. The Rolls Royce – this is the classic prom limo. This is suited to a small group of friends, as it only seats four people. The Rolls Royce limo allows you to show up at prom in style. You will definitely stand out with this limo. It has a sun roof, a built in communication and DVD navigation system and four zone climate control. You will definitely be comfortable on your drive to prom.

It is your duty to figure out the limo that is best suited to you and your group of friends. If you don’t want to spend too much money, your best option would be to group up with friends and rent a party bus. Ensure that you decide early so that you can book your transportation early. As prom gets closer, the availability of limos will decrease. Assess your budget and make limo plans as soon as possible.