Logically, you want to keep a memory of every precious moment of prom night. There is just a long list of people you’d like to take pictures with.  Your list may include your friends, teachers, and your sweet and lovely prom date.

Luckily, there is a long list of locations too. Living in New York is a blessing. The city that never slumbers, and that implies heaven for photographers and picture freaks. New York City is full to brim with iconic spots just waiting to be captured for your special moments.

We have put together a list of picture locations for you to take full advantage of on this particular night. Take this as a guide to getting a picture-perfect prom night, literally.



This is the famous bridge that links Manhattan and Brooklyn in an iconic fashion. Shots taken here look like a dream and are not so hard to achieve. Luckily, prom happens when the bridge is less busy, and there are few onlookers and passersby. The architectural details of this spot take your pictures to the next level.

All the significant New York buildings are visible, right from One World Trade to the Empire state in Midtown. It is the ideal location to take your prom pictures because it fully captures the momentum.


Although this might come off as cliche, it is still one of the best places to take your photos. After all, it wouldn’t be stereotypical if it wasn’t so good, right?

This spot is excellent for street photography if that’s what you are looking for. It adds a touch of familiarity to your pictures and embraces the moment. Your prom pictures will not end up looking scanty. Look for the best background you are most comfortable with and capture a memorable night in history.


You should know by now that New York City is the place where dreams are made. If you want your pictures to look like a scene from your wildest dreams, Central Park is the place to be.

There is the statue of Alice in Wonderland perfectly stationed to indulge everyone’s dreams. This is an actual representation of prom night. All the hours that have gone into making it perfect finally come to life in this location.

Central Park captures a playful side of the city, giving your photos a sprinkle of fairytale sparkles. Other locations in Central Park are; Bethesda Foundation, Gapstow Bridge, Bow Bridge, Columbus Circle, and Conservatory Water.

Explore your options!


This is a perfect mixture of culture and flair. This neighborhood in South Brooklyn has terrific spots for pictures that would give a note of completion to prom night for you. The long boardwalk, amusement park rides, coupled with plenty of beach side attractions.

However, with Coney Island, you need to check the opening dates. If this is in sync with your prom night, then you are good to go! You would be extra lucky if you used Coney Island during an event. This atmosphere would add fun and a feeling of festivity to your pictures.

●       DUMBO

There is no spot cozier than the little cobblestone street in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn. This street perfectly sets the Manhattan Bridge for an opportunity of pictures that you can’t pass up. Its unique elements add visual interest to your prom pictures and offer you many ways to creatively compose your shot.


This has a floor-to-ceiling hall with historical art, statues. If you decide to take your pictures at this spot, you need to capture some photos in the main lobby, the grand staircase, or the facade of the front of the building at night.

You should also choose your favorite art wing and take a couple of shots there, so your prom pictures have a sense of familiarity. There are so many to choose from. There is also a fantastic view of the city from the rooftop.


To capture the beauty of this spot, you should photograph it from a distance. A shot like this stays memorable forever. It is always great to have a notable location in at least one of your pictures. Make sure the lighting is proper, and you will have a photo as magical as your prom look.


Bottom Line

Wherever you have chosen to take your prom pictures, take your time and enjoy it with your group of friends. Your emotions would reflect in your photographs, so make sure to keep a joyful one. It’ll be nothing short of a magical prom night, a fairy tale dream come true.