As school nears, the realization that you will need back to school items becomes clearer and more stressful.  In order to ensure that you do not forget anything it is important that you create a school shopping list.  Shopping for college is different from shopping for high school.  The clothes you will shop for are virtually the same.  Difference in clothing may appear when you wish to change the way you present yourself or the weather change you are likely to encounter at the college’s location.  Browse clothes stores online before you do the actual shopping.  By doing this, you will be able to locate sales and shopping bargains.  You will be able to go directly to the stores that offer exactly what you want at low prices.   Make sure that the clothes you buy suit the climate of the campus’s location.  You don’t want to buy winter clothes for sunny warm days.

Other than clothing, your list should include:

Electronics – If you don’t own a laptop, you should try to budget for one.  This comes in handy when you have to do tedious research and write extensive papers.  A phone is also a must.  If you don’t own one as of yet, you should purchase one because it is a great way of communicating with your family when you are away.  It is also a good security measure, because you can call for help if you believe yourself to be in danger.  If your study method includes listening to music, or if you are generally more relaxed when music is playing, you should try to get an mp3 player or an iPod.

Dorm room necessities – If you are to share your dorm room with a roommate, you should try to contact them before it is time to move in.  If you get an idea of the appliances they  want to take with them, for example a mini-fridge, you will know what to eliminate from your list.  Bedding is another necessity, get at least 2 bed sheet sets for your bed and a comfortable pillow. You want to make your room feel as much like home as possible.

Books and bags – A simple tote or backpack is ideal for college life.  You need enough space in your bag to carry the necessary books for your courses and maybe even your laptop.  Textbooks must be a priority when you are shopping.  Some books are readily available in the college library, but make sure you are able to easily access them.  Others are necessary for everyday use or intensive studying.  It is good to purchase these so that you can study in the comfort of your dorm room.