Prom is generally a crowded event where classmates go to enjoy themselves and socialize with their classmates. As soon as the date of the prom is announced, or even a few weeks before, people will start choosing their prom dates. They will ask the person whom they have always dreamed of going with or ask the person they believe is the perfect date for the occasion. Some people are not so lucky. They may end up alone at prom for various reasons. The reasons may include their inability to find a preferred date, their date had to cancel because of an illness or the only person they would dream of taking has moved away or is going to the prom with someone else. If you are left all alone at the prom there are ways of getting through it without much loneliness. If you are uncomfortable others will be also, so make use of your situation and create your fun.

Do not sulk around at the actual prom. Try your hardest to have some fun. The best remedy for going alone is to hang out with your friends who are there. They are on their dates, yet they will be sure to check up on you and keep you company at intervals. Try to make new friends. There may be other people who are dateless and in need of company. Introduce yourself if you do not know them already and start a new friendship while having some fun. You can all dance together and enjoy your night of independence.

Make Prom night a night of girls’ or boys’ night out. Hang out with your friends who do not have dates. If they do, you can all go out as a group. This way you will be included in the fun, from the time the limousine leaves your address to when you return home, after having crazy fun at the after party. In a comfortable group, you are sure to have fun. You will be included in conversation, you will have dance partners and you’ll be forced to have some fun.

If you are a loner by nature and you decide to go to the prom alone, you have to be confident that the environment will be a good place for you. Prom is a social event where everyone gathers to socialize and dance the night away. If you find that the prom vibe is too much to handle, it is best that you leave early. You may not want to hear this suggestion. However, if your discomfort is affecting others it is best that you leave the uncomfortable environment and maybe go straight to the after party!