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With all of the hoopla surrounding prom, it’s important to take a step back and absorb all that’s happening. Friends need to lock in their prom dates. Ladies are shopping for their dream prom dress. Guys are thinking about alternatives so they don’t have to wear a full blown tuxedo. Who’s joining your limo or party bus? Where are we going to take pictures before we head to the prom venue? How about after prom, can we get everyone to agree on one thing?

With all of the questions, excitement, suspense, and drama – prom is one event that needs careful attention and planning. On our blog, we discuss every prom topic that comes to mind. With our years of experience helping schools and large groups plan their prom night, we know a thing or two about prom. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like us to make a blog post about something that interests you!

College – Stay Home or Go Away?

For every student, the thought of going to college is a double-edged sword - intimidating and exhilarating. It is the first time you get to experience a whole new world aside from your parents roof, get to meet new people, make your own decisions, go to dorm parties, and experience other university activities. But it is also the first time away from home, and home is the only thing you've known for the first 18 years of your life.

Is It Safe to Party in Manhattan?

No matter how good of a time you have at prom, you probably want to know if it's safe for high schoolers to party in Manhattan afterwards. The short answer is yes! There are so many great places to go and have fun. As long as you stay hydrated and follow the advice we’ll provide in this blog, you are sure to experience one of the best After Prom parties that will linger in your mind for a long time to come.

Best Ways to Ask Someone to Prom

Prom night has to be the most anticipated night in high school history. Nobody wants to have a sloppy prom; hence preparations begin months before the event. Asking your prospective date to prom could be both scary and exciting. Also known as promposing, it is an opportunity to get creative. A promposal has to be epic! It has become a bit of a competitive game, so you should have one that makes an impact.

Why Prom Drama Can Be a Headache

As adults would always say, these flimsy moments will make glorious memories that you would cherish forever. Well, Mrs. Adams, I’m not concerned about the memories right now. All I want is my prom dress glued to my skin, or my future memories become a present disaster. As prom is fast approaching, here are some aspirin-like tips that will dissolve all prom headaches.

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