Prom. It’s just one word, but so many things come to mind when we all hear the word, Prom. It’s an amazing time of your lives. High School is about to end and a new chapter in your lives will begin. Take a look through some of our awesome tips on this time in your lives as you may encounter these issues. This advice is from the past decade of after prom party goers who have experienced everything you are about to.

Prom night is often a magical night for most people. However, some people are unable to attend the prom for various reasons. These reasons range from their inability to afford it to their dislike for the school planned event. If you have to choose between the prom and the after prom party, why not skip the prom? Here are a few reasons to skip the prom and go straight to the after prom party.

1) If you are in a situation where you must decide on the prom tickets and the after prom party tickets, it may be better to attend the after prom party. This is because most of your friends will turn up at the after party anyway and it is destined to be more fun than prom. There will be no crowning of the prom king and queen. There will be no extreme censorship on the music being played. You can have pure uninhibited fun like anyone else at the club.

2) Prom is monitored by school administrators. It is a school prom after all, so chaperones are expected. Some chaperones even dictate the distance between dancers. Everything is planned for prom and it must go on as such. You have to pause for the crowning of prom king and queen, listen to music that was vetted by the school to be of a particular standard and drink punch. Prom is over when it’s over. There is no “dance until you are worn out” ideology. This is good because you can move on to the real party of the evening, the after prom! A lot of people attend the prom and find themselves trying to survive until everyone starts to leave for the after party. Why go through all of that, when you can just skip the prom and go to the after party. Save yourself the wait and go directly to the nightclub or venue when the late night party is taking place.

3) The after party location, depending on where you select, can be extremely elegant and high-end. You may choose to attend the after party at a nightclub, or opt for an after prom cruise instead. Either is designed to produce the ultimate nightlife experience. The possibility of fun is nearly limitless at an after prom party. You are able to party in a comfortable environment. You are able to relax; as there are no prying eyes and you are able to have fun with your friends. Why not skip the prom and do what you really want to do? What you want to do is be an adult for the night, the difference is that your decision-making skills will center on who to dance with and how to end one of the most memorable nights of your life.

“Who should I take to the prom?” This is the question that crosses most people’s minds right before prom season. There are many different ways of selecting your prom date. This may include blindly selecting a picture from the yearbook or asking the person who is dear to you. The person you take to the prom should be someone you truly enjoy being with. Avoid going with someone just because they are popular. This may result in a boring night that you had never anticipated. Plus, not mentioning that they might not be paying much attention to you during the night because of their needs for external attention.

Who should you take to the prom?

The decision can be difficult, especially for those who have multiple options. When selecting your prom date, there are a few things you should consider:

1) Is the person someone you could see yourself spending the entire prom night with?

Prom night is a very long night; it begins at the start of prom and ends as the after party comes to a stop. Whoever you take to the prom should be someone you can envision dancing and having fun with for the entire night. Someone you will not be tempted to ditch for the after party or the second half of the school prom.

2) Is the person someone you could have crazy fun with?

Fun is the aim of prom night. You are saying goodbye to your senior class so you should ensure that your prom date is capable of having fun with you. If you are a shy person, an outgoing date is the perfect solution to your shyness. If you are a party animal in your estimation, it is best to get a date that is equally fun.

3) Is the person someone you will remember going to the prom with?

Proms are meant to be remembered. If you attend the prom with someone you truly care about, you are sure to remember it. You don’t want to be the only one who is unable to remember your date when you attend your high school reunion. You want to be the one who has a special prom tale, the one whose date was unforgettable.

You may select people with whom you share different relationships to attend the prom as your date. Most people go with their girlfriend. Some opt to go with their best friend or friends and others go alone. The good thing about going with your friends is that you will have a lot of company. You can all dance together and have a blast. You may also attend the after party together to add more fun to your night. Going with your friends increases your probability of having fun and releases you from the pressures of prom night.

An important part of prom is meeting the parents. It is traditional for the guy to swing by the girl’s house with the limousine or party bus to pick her up, meet the parents and take her to the prom. Some of you may dread this moment. “Why can’t we just skip meeting the parents and meet at the door?”Not an option! Meeting the parents is significant because in this process the parents offer their trust to their daughter’s date. They trust you enough to take care of their little girl, by helping them have a good time at the prom and getting them home before curfew. If this meeting is extremely successful you may even be allowed to take her to the after prom.

Meeting the parents is an interview for trust. It is for this reason why you should try to impress them. To impress the parents you need to be a gentleman. Most of all you need to be extremely respectful.

Embrace the gentleman that you are on the inside. Pick up a bouquet especially for the mother. In most cases, the mothers are easier to win over. You must be mentally prepared for the drilling that comes with picking up your date. If your date is your girlfriend, whom you have taken out a few nights already without heat from the parents you are more likely to experience a smooth date pick up. If however, this is the first time you are both going out for an extended period in the night, you will be subjected to a long line of questions and maybe some subtle warnings.

As you walk up to the door and ring the doorbell you should be confident in yourself, not too confident though. The parents want to know that you have absolute respect for them, and their daughter. Your expression of that respect will increase their trust. Ensure that you ring the doorbell at the time you had stipulated that you would pick up your date. Arriving late will give the impression that you will also break their daughter’s set curfew. You have to show that you are a man of your word.
Give the mother her flowers and commence to asking when your date must return home. This will surely impress her parents. Show that you care about their rules. Answer each question posed in a timely and respectful manner. Ask your own questions and promise that their daughter will return safe. Establishing a good first impression with the parents is proof of your success at impressing them. Just show them how respectful you are, of them and their daughter. Show that you can be trusted and you will be a step closer to achieving that trust.

The adventure of prom and the dream of a wonderful prom night are desired by all high school students all over the country. However, in order to have such an experience you may need to save towards it. Some of you may even have to endure all of the expenses on your own! Because not all parents can afford to treat their kids to the typical prom dream. There are many things that you may like to have for prom, including new clothes, new shoes and a limousine or party bus. Here are some tips for saving towards your prom celebration.

1. Take lunch to school – instead of buying lunch at school it is more cost effective to pack your lunch from home. Make yourself a sandwich and add an apple. This can be a healthy lunch, while also allowing you to save a few dollars a week. After a couple of months, you might save up a couple hundred dollars.

2. Try to carpool – You may have a car, even one you bought yourself through years of saving. Carpool with your friends who own their own cars, or even those who are driven by their parents. You may have a turn at driving the others, but at least you will be able to save some of the money that you would have normally spend on gas. This way you will be closer to your prom goal budget in no time.

3. Drink home brewed coffee – You may be one of those people who stops at a cafe every morning or afternoon to buy a cup of coffee. Don’t do this if you want to save for prom. Every coin you can save is another coin added to your stash of prom cash. As a replacement you should pour yourself a cup of coffee from home. Turn on the coffee maker when you wake up and fill your coffee cup before you leave. Use the coffee you already have at home, maybe it’s even already brewed by another family member every morning before you wake up. If you dislike the taste, try to improve it. To get to your prom budget, you may need to make some difficult coffee tasting sacrifices.

4. Limit your outings – If you’re serious about saving, you will need to limit the amount of times you go out with your friends. By doing this you will cut back on spending and get closer to your prom goal. Instead of going to your favorite hangout spot, try meeting up at someone’s home. That way you’ll not be tempted to spend money on snacks, you can make homemade snacks and mix a jug of juice. Instead of going to the movies you should rent a DVD or watch TV from home. This can be as fun as going to the movies if done with close friends. Use the cheaper store bought microwave popcorn. Invite a few friends over and you can all curl up to watch the movie and just having fun with each other.

5. Get a part time job – This will allow you to make extra income, if only for a very short period. This will contribute significantly to your prom budget.

Only implementing a few of these tips can steer you towards your goal of having the lavish prom evening you’ve always dreamed of.

When prom ends, the next stop for the night is the after prom party. In order to secure party arrangements, you need to make concrete plans. If you don’t make plans beforehand you may end up at a party location that you won’t enjoy, and be faced with a crowd of people you don’t know. In order to avoid a disastrous prom night you need to make party plans. Here are a few tips for making after prom plans:

– Browse the internet or seek the advice of older relatives and friends who had made after prom plans before. Get some ideas of where to go and what services to use to finalize your plans.

– Browse the internet for websites or companies that specialize in party planning or ticket sales. Find one that has a specific interest in after prom parties. You should browse all the services and locations that they are offering, so that you can decide on the one that is best for you or your group of friends.

– Share your favorite locations with your friends. The more people you make aware of your favorite places the higher the possibility of seeing a lot of your friends at the after party. Imagine finding a location and getting the tickets only to attend the party and be alone in a sea of strangers. That is not the way you want to end your prom night. You may not wish to spend it with your entire class, however, a small group of friends will make the night more enjoyable. You will have people you are comfortable with to talk to and dance with.

– Find a reliable after prom party ticket company. Purchase your ticket. It would be best to purchase all the tickets at once to try and gain access for a discount or group rate. Take advantage of all the reasonable offers you may encounter during your search.

– Pay close attention to the location you select and the things that are covered with the ticket. Does it offer you VIP services like line-skip at the door or free beverages? Good deals are hard to find, so when you come across it you should take advantage.

As you organize your prom budget, you’ll realize that you must consider everything. You have put aside money for your outfit and your after party ticket. What you should never forgot about is your ride. It’s now up to you to decide your mode of transportation to and from prom. You need to decide which you prefer, a limousine or a party bus?

The size of your transportation vehicle is highly important. You should ask around and see who would like to share a party bus or limo. Getting an idea of what people want can help you decide on the size of the vehicle that you will be needing.
There are many different size party buses and they can hold anywhere from 25 to 55 people. The capacity depends on the make and model. Whatever size group you have, the party bus can transport them in style. Buses also have tables and mini bars that offer refreshments to its passengers. There is standing room in the bus, should that be necessary and enough space to dance even after the prom.

Limousines come in many different sizes. These range from the typical four passenger limo, to those that can seat up to 20 guests comfortably. If your party size is a small four or more you may opt to rent the classic limousine. You will be able to travel comfortably with your friends and make a splash at the prom, because you will be traveling in elegance. The larger limos are Hummers, Escalades, Range Rovers, and such. These have a large capacity, allowing super fancy traveling. You and your friends will not regret going to prom in one of these because you will all be in the prom mood by the time you get into the limo.

The cost is very important when selecting your mode of transportation. The more people travel together, the smaller the amount that has to be covered by each person. Therefore the four passenger limo will cost more than the limo that seats twenty. However, the party bus that seats forty will ultimately cost less than the limo that seats twenty. Basically, get more people to ride with you!

Transportation to and from prom is not cheap. In order to get a reasonable price, you have to carpool with a few of your friends. After the final count is reached, you should decide whether you want to book a party bus or a limousine.
Both the party bus and the limousine are equipped with plush leather seating and a mini bar for refreshments. There are also tables present in some of the vehicles and a sunroof. If possible, visit the location of the vehicles with a few of your friends and make a decision as to which one you want for your special night.

After shopping for your prom dress or tuxedo, you’ll realize that your total “pro-look” is not complete. There is one essential thing missing, the limo! There are many limos to choose from. It is best that you select a very large limo and split the total cost with as many people as possible to limit individual cost. The best limos for prom are:

1. Hummer Limo – this is a large vehicle of transportation. You are able to share a Hummer with 19 friends. The interior is comfortably lined with leather seating to allow comfortable seating for everyone. There are strobe lights, a stereo and a CD player to keep you entertained from the pickup point to your prom destination.

2. Escalade – this limo is loved by many because it can hold about 22 passengers. It also has a LCD TV to keep the passengers entertained, along with an Mp3 and DVD player. This is the one of the highly demanded limos for teenagers to take to the prom. It is equipped with everything they will need to have a comfortable and exciting journey to the prom.

3. Range Rover – This is another favorite for prom. It suits about 20 people comfortably. The Range Rover limousine has an enormous plasma screen TV, lasers, smoke machines and an iPod connection port to allow you to take charge of your music while you journey to the after prom.

4. The Rolls Royce – this is the classic prom limo. This is suited to a small group of friends, as it only seats four people. The Rolls Royce limo allows you to show up at prom in style. You will definitely stand out with this limo. It has a sun roof, a built in communication and DVD navigation system and four zone climate control. You will definitely be comfortable on your drive to prom.

It is your duty to figure out the limo that is best suited to you and your group of friends. If you don’t want to spend too much money, your best option would be to group up with friends and rent a party bus. Ensure that you decide early so that you can book your transportation early. As prom gets closer, the availability of limos will decrease. Assess your budget and make limo plans as soon as possible.

Prom is generally a crowded event where classmates go to enjoy themselves and socialize with their classmates. As soon as the date of the prom is announced, or even a few weeks before, people will start choosing their prom dates. They will ask the person whom they have always dreamed of going with or ask the person they believe is the perfect date for the occasion. Some people are not so lucky. They may end up alone at prom for various reasons. The reasons may include their inability to find a preferred date, their date had to cancel because of an illness or the only person they would dream of taking has moved away or is going to the prom with someone else. If you are left all alone at the prom there are ways of getting through it without much loneliness. If you are uncomfortable others will be also, so make use of your situation and create your fun.

Do not sulk around at the actual prom. Try your hardest to have some fun. The best remedy for going alone is to hang out with your friends who are there. They are on their dates, yet they will be sure to check up on you and keep you company at intervals. Try to make new friends. There may be other people who are dateless and in need of company. Introduce yourself if you do not know them already and start a new friendship while having some fun. You can all dance together and enjoy your night of independence.

Make Prom night a night of girls’ or boys’ night out. Hang out with your friends who do not have dates. If they do, you can all go out as a group. This way you will be included in the fun, from the time the limousine leaves your address to when you return home, after having crazy fun at the after party. In a comfortable group, you are sure to have fun. You will be included in conversation, you will have dance partners and you’ll be forced to have some fun.

If you are a loner by nature and you decide to go to the prom alone, you have to be confident that the environment will be a good place for you. Prom is a social event where everyone gathers to socialize and dance the night away. If you find that the prom vibe is too much to handle, it is best that you leave early. You may not want to hear this suggestion. However, if your discomfort is affecting others it is best that you leave the uncomfortable environment and maybe go straight to the after party!

Prom demands perfection.  It demands that those in attendance are neatly and handsomely dressed.  Young men should pay close attention to the tuxedo they decide to wear, because they will go to the prom with a young lady who has spent a lot of time putting her outfit together.  The way you dress is a reflection of who you are.  The tuxedo you wear will affect people’s impression of you.  Wear something classy and fashionable.  Here are a few suggestions to come up with the perfect tuxedo look for prom:

– Whether you purchase your tux or rent it, it may end up being the mirror image of someone else’s.  In order to set your look apart from that of others, you should add minor details to your tuxedo.  The most common tuxedo color is black.  The black tuxedo never fails to make you look absolutely dashing.  To personalize this, you may want to wear a colored tie.  A brightly colored tie is sure to draw attention and make an impression.  If you have a date to the prom you may match your tie to her dress, or just wear her favorite color.

– You may also use a colored kerchief in your jacket pocket to add to your overall look.  You may opt for a purple handkerchief or another color of your preference.

– The perfect tuxedo look for prom takes your overall appearance into consideration.  If your hair is untidy you may appear a bit shabby.  You should ensure that you are properly groomed to complement your prom attire.  Comb your hair neatly, shine your shoes and put on some nice cologne.

– If you want to go to prom in a nontraditional black tuxedo, you may opt to wear a white one.  A white tuxedo also has the classic appeal.  You just need to pair it with the right tie and you will be the center of attention as soon as you enter the party.

When choosing your tuxedo, whether to purchase or rent, you should consider a few things.  First, you must consider the fit.  You may be comfortable standing still in the tuxedo, but are you able to move around comfortably?  Will you be able to dance, or simply clap for the prom queen and king?  The look is important.  However, the way you feel in the suit is more important, because looking handsome yet being uncomfortable is a sad way to remember your prom night.

You should also ensure that you shop around so that you get a good bargain for your money.  You should not search for the cheapest tuxedo, because you may be dissatisfied with the quality.  Ensure that the tuxedo you decide to rent is comfortable in the way it feels and the way you move.

s school nears, the realization that you will need back to school items becomes clearer and more stressful.  In order to ensure that you do not forget anything it is important that you create a school shopping list.  Shopping for college is different from shopping for high school.  The clothes you will shop for are virtually the same.  Difference in clothing may appear when you wish to change the way you present yourself or the weather change you are likely to encounter at the college’s location.  Browse clothes stores online before you do the actual shopping.  By doing this, you will be able to locate sales and shopping bargains.  You will be able to go directly to the stores that offer exactly what you want at low prices.   Make sure that the clothes you buy suit the climate of the campus’s location.  You don’t want to buy winter clothes for sunny warm days.

Other than clothing, your list should include:

Electronics – If you don’t own a laptop, you should try to budget for one.  This comes in handy when you have to do tedious research and write extensive papers.  A phone is also a must.  If you don’t own one as of yet, you should purchase one because it is a great way of communicating with your family when you are away.  It is also a good security measure, because you can call for help if you believe yourself to be in danger.  If your study method includes listening to music, or if you are generally more relaxed when music is playing, you should try to get an mp3 player or an iPod.

Dorm room necessities – If you are to share your dorm room with a roommate, you should try to contact them before it is time to move in.  If you get an idea of the appliances they  want to take with them, for example a mini-fridge, you will know what to eliminate from your list.  Bedding is another necessity, get at least 2 bed sheet sets for your bed and a comfortable pillow. You want to make your room feel as much like home as possible.

Books and bags – A simple tote or backpack is ideal for college life.  You need enough space in your bag to carry the necessary books for your courses and maybe even your laptop.  Textbooks must be a priority when you are shopping.  Some books are readily available in the college library, but make sure you are able to easily access them.  Others are necessary for everyday use or intensive studying.  It is good to purchase these so that you can study in the comfort of your dorm room.

Thinking about closing out your prom night experience on a beach? You may be surprised as to how many people actually wait for the sunrise and take in the beautiful summer warmth on the refreshing sand. Whether you’re looking forward to a beach in Long Island, Fire Island, Brooklyn, Jersey Shore, or Wildwood, spending the ladder parts of your prom night on the beach can be an unforgettable experience. If you’re truly thinking about taking your nightcap to a beach, take into consideration the following factors:

    • Make sure to have some change of clothing.

After an entire night of dancing and partying, a fresh change of clothing will not only feel refreshing but also it may be necessary. Staying up for over 24 hours is not that easy. Towards the morning on the beach, be assured that you are comfortable laying on the sand or running along the cool water on the shore. This experience is one that should not pass you by. The summer is upon us, High School is over, let’s take in the aura of prom night and feel cozy doing it.

      • You may get hungry towards the morning.

This is a common theme of long nights out. You eat dinner; go out to the club, and by the time you get home, you are starving! Well, since your prom plans are going to end up super late, make sure to have a breakfast plan. Perhaps have some light food such as sandwiches, bagels, and chips with you for the morning, or stop by a local diner to get a quick breakfast meal. From our experience, going 8+ hours or so without eating really take a toll on your body. Feel good and have a breakfast plan ready for your entire group of friends.

      • Party Bus and Limousine reservation hours.

When booking your prom party bus or limo, the transportation companies usually have packages for 10 or 12 hours. With morning plans to head to the beach, you’ll probably need closer to 15-16 hours for your prom ride. Calculate the time you need for everyone to get dressed, take pictures, get to the prom, get to the after prom, and then of course, to the beach and then home. Don’t make the crucial mistake of having the driver tell you that your time is up. Be prepared and care free about your prom ride.

      • Don’t make any major plans to following day.

You definitely won’t be going to sleep before 7 AM, which means you are sleeping in really late! Make sure to leave the following day of your prom free. No plans, no prior commitments – just a free, passive day. This will give you plenty of time to rest and time to reminisce about the amazing night you’ve just experience with your classmates. These are the memories that you’ll cherish for your entire life.

Unwind in the early hours of the morning and watch the sunrise over the beautiful ocean. Take a deep breath and reminisce about the past 4 years of High School while getting ready to embark on your future. Wherever your future plans lead you, always know you’ll have amazing prom night memories to carry you through the tough times.