About Us

When it comes to prom night, we all know about the essentials. The hair-do, the attire, the ride you’ll take to cruise you around the city, and of course, the people you’ll spend this magical night with. But there’s one aspect of prom night that should never be overlooked – after prom! What we try to do is make it simple. Well, at least the after party. You might think it’s one of the most difficult parts of the night to plan, but it’s actually the easiest. Throughout the course of every prom season, we produce and sell tickets for over 40 after prom parties. Therefore, chances are that we’ve got a party available on your prom night.

Welcome to PromNightlife.com, where we are committed to providing you with all the information you need to make your prom night as close to perfect as possible. We understand that high school juniors and seniors want to have an exciting and eventful celebration to mark the end of their years in high school. The day you say goodbye to most of your friends and classmates, marks a special change in your lives. PromNightlife.com wishes to ensure that your prom night is unforgettable. We do this by giving you the option of attending the greatest after proms ever!

We’ve been in business since 1998, organizing the most talked about after proms across the entire tri-state area. Experience is one aspect of our craft that we take a lot of pride in. We know what high school students like and don’t like. They like having the best music played, so we make sure we put out the best DJ line-up in the big apple including DJ Camilo, Bobby Trends, Enuff, Spin King, and many more! They don’t like having to worry about ID, so we don’t require it. We’ve learned a great deal over the years, so we try to make the after prom parties as safe and fun as possible. Most students attend the after party with a bunch of friends, so don’t pay full price for your tickets. Benefit from our group packages. Save money and get VIP treatment.

Over the years, we’ve been affiliated with venues all over Manhattan such as Webster Hall, Copacabana, Stage 48, and countless others. We also specialize in cruises, in order to give an extra option to those who are looking for something utterly exclusive. Same club atmosphere, just on a massive 2-story party yacht. The prom night starts out with an event hosted by your high school but where it ends up is entirely up to you. Where-ever your prom night endeavor may take you, have us help you pave the way.