Stage 48 After Prom

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  • NYC’s Largest Mega-Club

Stage 48

Stage 48
605 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036

  • Stage 48 New York Stage 48 New York Stage 48 New York Stage 48 New York
  • Stage 48 New York Stage 48 New York Stage 48 New York Stage 48 New York

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Experience why Stage 48 is considered the top mega-club in NYC! Packed with 3 full floors of dance floor space and a 34-foot wide stage that is accustomed to having top-rated international DJ’s perform, Stage 48 is the after prom club for you.

Event Details

Located in Hells Kitchen, W. 48th St in New York City, Stage 48 infuses large scale nightclub partying with a 34-foot wide stage for unforgettable concert style performances. This multi-purpose venue is ideal for all types of events, especially after proms! Featuring 3 levels of dance space and capacity for over 1,500 guests, Stage 48 has marked it’s territory on the West Side of NYC and is looking forward to bringing the high school graduates of 2018 something to cheer about. When all is said and done, and prom night is finally over – what will you be taking about during the summer? The after party is always the most talked about portion of prom night. Pull up to the after party with the red carpet already rolled out, making you feel like a million bucks! Not many venues can garner that feeling – Stage 48 can.

Have you ever heard the expression, “when you get to the top, don’t forget about me”? Well, Stage 48 is at the top of the nightlife scene in Manhattan and it has surely not forgotten about the mass public of party-goers in the tri-state area. This is exactly why we are presenting this year’s after prom events on several nights to give as many prom goers as possible, the opportunity to get lit at Stage 48! Fluorescent blue, purple, and red lighting gives Stage 48 an uncanny ability to make it seem as though you are partying in nightlife heaven. With 4 LED panel screens showcasing videos behind the DJ on stage while you dance the night away, this should undoubtedly be at the top of your after party option list. You’ve gotten your friends together, reserved your limousine or party bus, picked out your prom outfit – now all that remains is the last and most essential planning step – after prom!


605 West 48th Street | New York, NY 10036